Back School Lane Warton



An existing small site on a rough sloping piece of ground gave the opportunity to design a new home where the day to day living area could be separated from the main lounge.
This is the second of the new approach adopted to create homes for families giving separate bedrooms, good sized kitchen, dining facilities and a living soul to the building which unities the family together. This is achieved by the position of the main entrance, the stairway to the first floor and the kitchen. All these need to be close to one another and to not to be separated by walls but left as open space. The space needs also to be crafted so as to leave areas for discussions, ornaments and seating areas. The other area where this is achieved is by the internal width of the house to 4200mm and the lowering of a 45º pitch roof over the first floor bedrooms, leaving 1500mm height at to the internal eaves. Not only does this save money but it also connects us to the 3 dimensional space in which we love to live in.
The central positioned entrance leads right to the main part of the house, whilst left takes people up a short flight of stairs to an underdrawn and exposed timber truss lounge space complete with a gable end exposed stone chimney stack and stove. The lounge is single storey and is a right angles to the main one and half storey main dwelling area.
All these elements including the other recesses and oriel window features on stair landings complete the modern vernacular ‘Arts and Crafts’ design.

Materials : Roof local slate, Walls of exposed Sandstone, Windows ebony stained, Doors hardwood boarded