Hopebeck House



A Client looking to build his own new 4 bedroom house on a site which had a long established planning permission for a new dwelling.
The key to this design was in placing the new dwelling to the eastern high end of the site and leaving the large open part of the site to front the property open. The new location will also allow the best the views of the lake and fells beyond. The eastern boundary being cranked led to the  crank shape of the overall building shape.
A house on 3 levels, the lower level for storage and vehicles, the main living area over and upper level the 4 bedrooms and bathrooms. The lower level is open to the front and hidden by the rising ground to the east boundary. The other important aspect to the design is to respect the views from the higher houses behind  on the eastern side. So the new roof is a low pitched hipped roof with a zinc sheet covering, allowing the houses behind to look over the new dwelling. The horizontal theme of the design is carried through from the roof to the floor levels and external terraces. A house to anchors itself to the ground on which it sits.Open plan living areas, U shaped stairway and ensuite to all 4 bedrooms completes this great new house.
Materials : Roof local slate, Walls of Lakeland slate, render, Windows ebony stained hardwood.