Katy Moss Water Yeat Coniston



A Client having lived in an existing single storey timber house on this site was wishing to replace with a larger and more modern house but still hoping to keep the character of the site.The existing site is an oasis in the middle of low level bracken and grass covered landscape around the Coniston water area. The garden is truly stunning and is an important aspect to the design process. The design for the new dwelling is predominately single storey with bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, lounge and dining area, with an upper storey to accommodate 2 further bedrooms.
The new dwelling is set in a similar location to the existing house and fronts the main garden.

Patio doors from the lounge and the kitchen and dining areas view the garden. The main entrance to the dwelling is on the eastern side and uses the same litch gate entrance and approaches the property in a low key way. The section of the new dwelling illustrates the great value of lowing the roof pitch and having single central rooms enabling the overall style to be that of a cottage.
Materials : Roof hard row tiles, Wall wet dash render, Windows white stained timber.