Capernwray Dining Hall Carnforth



Capernwray is located at the end of a beautiful valley set in North Lancashire.
The Estate was bought by the Thomas family in 1948 and since that point the family have developed and expanded the buildings to accommodate their passion and commitment in life which is to teach and encourage people from all over the world in the truths of the Christian Gospel.
The existing hall has seen many adaptations from its inception by the Marston family since 1840’s.
The new Dining Hall building was designed in response to providing a new dining area for 150 people to enjoy good food, good company and good views.
The building was designed to fit on the stepping terraces to the east side and to locate itself so that it would respect and not overshadow the Hall.
The design conceived with the need to connect the new building to the horizontally of the stepping terraces has large over hangs and stepped roof levels to respect the landscape on which it sits.
A central tower feature incorporating a flat sympathies with the existing tower at the Hall and provides an important visual and architectural link.
This buildings works and has become a much treasured part of Capernwray and its community.