Methodist Church Brookhouse



The existing small Wesleyan Chapel in Chapel Square Brookhouse had become too small for its growing and expanding congregation.
The member searched for a new site and they made an offer on a retiring petrol filling station and car repair workshop in the village and its was excepted.
The decision to remove the existing building and purge the underground tanks was made and I was commissioned to design a new building which was to become a community building and a place of worship.
The design was to allow for flexible use of space and to give the ability for future expansion of space.
The building was designed to the rear of the site with the main worship area contained in a long rectangular space with exposed timber trusses on steel columns which allows for the subdivision of space with sound proof partitions and enabling two meetings to take place without disturbance.
The front of the building has a meting space, a small café, toilets and a prayer area.
The building has been designed to look and feel like a large house, providing a warm and welcoming appeal to all who enter and find the warmth and love of those who follow Jesus.