Primrose House



This home was required to replace temporary buildings on an interesting site south of Morecambe. Their disability is sever and they require 24 hour care.

Each Adult has their own bedroom and share ensuite facilities with their neighbour.
Each bedroom is designed to be large enough to enable lifting gear to be used. The important aspect t the design was to provide a room for each Adult. A home which could be made homely. A home with a view and with a specially designed window box with a seat so that people could sit on the bay window seat and be in the room but not to take over the whole space.
The main lounge/ kitchen and dining facilities are all on the west side of the building and are separated for noise and convenience by a central corridor.

The building has been designed with a low roof and a low profile presence. Modern materials have been used and bright colour introduced. Cost was a critical factor and this amount of floor space would not have been achieved if a more conventional approach had been taken.